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The #everydayclimatecrisis Visual Petition 

What kind of images can I submit?

1: Images that illustrate the effects of climate change in your town or region. Think, drought, floods, bushfires, mono-cultures, pollution, mining, unsustainable agriculture, urban development….

2: Images illustrating HOPE like beautiful landscapes, seascapes, native flora and fauna, First Nations practices and education, renewables, restoration, regeneration, organic practices, healthy farming and manufacture, recycling, up-cycling, community gardens, wind farms, solar power, people doing great things on the land, farming, bees, diverse agriculture and eco-systems….

3: Images can be documentary and literal OR an emotional creative response to the theme or issue.

How many times can I submit images?
You can submit as many times as you like, just make sure each image stands alone. Preferably no double ups.

Will my image/s be shown at the National Congress of Women Climate Conference on the 30th November?
Every woman* who submits will have at least ONE of their images shown at the the Conference. 

Will my image/s be shown at the Launch Event and Panel Discussion at Photoaccess on the 10th February 2022, in Canberra?
Every woman* who submits will have at least ONE of their images shown at the the Conference. 

 Can I submit phone photos? Yes

Do I need to be a professional photographer or artist?
No. You only need to be female or identify as such.

How shall I label my images?
PLEASE ONLY use your name and the Australian location in the file name. eg: HilaryWardhaugh-Queanbeyan NSW.jpg

What size should my images be? 
Printable to A4 only. 3600 pixels on long side at 300dpi

Can I share this post with my colleagues, friends and family?

YES!!! please do!!!

The National Women’s Congress Conference on the 30th November Online. WomenPhotoAus will be presenting and showing a curated Slideshow of images as part of the day’s event.

The Official Launch event at Photoaccess to be held on Thursday 10th February 2022. We will have a panel of speakers (to be announced soon) and we will be projecting a slideshow and launching the virtual exhibition space through NEWART.CITY

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By Hilary Wardhaugh

Hilary Wardhaugh is a professional portrait photographer based near Canberra ACT. Her work involves portraits, headshots, event photography, editorial, PR and branding photography. She is a career professional and a specialist in her field

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