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The #EverydayClimateCrisis Visual Petition

It was free to submit. You retain your copyright. It could have been a phone photo. 

We asked photographers to upload their images with an artist statement about their images/s

and we asked each petitioners to tell us what you want to change with Australia’s climate policies and strategies.

Images included

1: Images of the effects Climate Change; drought, flooding, fires, pollution, land degradation, non-regenerative farming, land and coastal erosion, coal mining, fracking, logging of old growth forests…

2: Images of Hope; beautiful pristine landscapes and seascapes, Cultural practices to restore and regenerate, renewable energy, organic growing, bio-dynamics, people doing little things to help mitigate the effects of Climate Change: growing food, community gardens, regenerative farming, eating local produce, recycling and up-cycling clothes etc…

Or conceptual, in that you can submit

3: Images that creatively respond to the theme

#worldenvironmentday #everydayclimatecrisis #womenphotoaus #womenphotographers #womenphotographersaustralia

This project is run by one person at the moment. If you are able to help fund a small bit of the project to help me, Hilary Wardhaugh, get a person to help with social media, administration, image wrangling and therefore feeding me and my son, then please donate HERE or below using the QR code

Images below by Hilary Wardhaugh



    1. Thanks so much Kath! I will have a look and see what’s wrong.

      Thanks for letting me know and for thinking about donating! I am super grateful!!!!

  1. Hilary this is such a wonderful concept! And such an enabling project, one I hope the governments in this country will embrace and respond positively to. It’s time our voices and concerns were heard and taken seriously.
    I’m worried about my 2 year old granddaughter’s future – will it be clean and green? Or will she grow old thinking badly of past generations?

  2. Hi Hilary. I have sent a photo of a fresh life in the form of a fungus emerging from a burnt tree at Buckenbowra in March 2020 but I don’t know how to send it in the form that you need.

    1. Hi meg,
      I am sure it’ll be fine! If it isn’t I will let you know! Many thanks for submitting to this project! Hilary

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