More Women!

In Australia there are groups and organisations representing women* in photography. Listed here are a few that are doing wonderful photography and are passionate to for gender parity within their groups.

*women and non-binary people

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1: The Loud and Luminous Project

The Loud and Luminous project celebrates and recognises the important and diverse contributions of contemporary women photographers and female identifying artists in Australia. It is designed to empower girls and women to pursue creative careers and it is strongly focused on gender equality in the arts. The project is unique and important in recognising the extensive cultural contribution women photographic artists and photographers have made in this country. It encourages women to tell their stories to contribute to Australia’s cultural identity. It acknowledges the importance of all stories. Curators

Hilary Wardhaugh and Mel Anderson

2: AUSWIP (Australian Women in Photography)


Facebook Group

Showcasing work by Australian women & non-binary creatives in the photographic industry. Cassie and Lisa Maree have been running this group for many years and it is definitely worth being a part of it.

Curators @casilda_eh + @lmwfoto

3: The Lumina Collective

The Lumina Collective

“Founded in 2017 Lumina is a new Australian collective of award-winning women and non-binary* photographic artists breaking ground in visual storytelling and dissemination.

Committed to revealing diverse stories and narratives within the Australian landscape and further afield, Lumina’s core aim is to build capacity through collaboration and community. Each artist brings to the collective a unique voice and vision.

Founding members are: Donna Bailey, Chloe Bartram, Jessie Boylan, Aletheia Casey, Anna Maria Antoinette D’Addario, Lyndal Irons, Morganna Magee and Sarah Rhodes.”

Extract from the Lumina About page on their website

4: Oculi

“Oculi is a collective of award winning photographers offering a visual narrative of contemporary life in Australia and beyond. The collective has set the tone for reportage and documentary photography in our region for more than 20 years, and is the premier destination for commissioning and licensing editorial work.”

Extract from Oculi website

5: Agender_au

Women in photography. A platform for change.


Lux et Libera: women at the intersection of light and chemistry is a new initiative that seeks to recognize the leading role that female-identifying artists play in the fields of film and alternative/historic process photography and to create new opportunities for them.