Madeleine Smith

Hi my name is Madeleine Smith, I’m not a photographer but saw Hilary’s presentation during the National Climate Congress for Women. @womensclimatecongress

This photo was taken in November 2019 after the fires had gone through the rainforest on one of our friend’s properties in The Channon, Northern NSW and my partner and I were putting out spot fires. 

I’d love to see our government commit to zero net carbon emissions by 2030. I’d like to see more community engagement. I’d like to see all coal and gas power plants transition immediately to renewables. Something close to me at the moment is the need for smart water solutions to accommodate the ever growing urban sprawl in the Northern Rivers. 

I call this photo Rainforest Burning

Thank you so much, this is such a brilliant project.

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By Hilary Wardhaugh

Hilary Wardhaugh is a professional portrait photographer based near Canberra ACT. Her work involves portraits, headshots, event photography, editorial, PR and branding photography. She is a career professional and a specialist in her field

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