Image Kay Hathaway

The #everydayclimatecrisis Visual Petition What kind of images can I submit? 1: Images that illustrate the effects of climate change in your town or region. Think, drought, floods, bushfires, mono-cultures, pollution, mining, unsustainable agriculture, urban development…. 2: Images illustrating HOPE like beautiful landscapes, seascapes, native flora and fauna, First Nations practices and education, renewables, restoration, regeneration,… Continue reading Updates

Sharon Greenaway

Image Sharon Greenaway I am a photographic artist based in Bendigo, Victoria. I use my photographic art in a variety of mixed media to achieve my final outcomes.  The outcomes of my work include but are not limited to scarves and shawls; one off art books; Giclee photographs and miniature scale art pieces using 1/12th… Continue reading Sharon Greenaway

Ilana Rose

www.ilanarose.com.au @ilanarose_docophoto Coopernook NSW  31st December 2019 Driving through the intense smoke of the fires that hit Coopernook and Crowdy Bay National Park during the Summer of 2019

Daisy Noyes

Series: Merri Creek Dresses Photographer: Daisy Noyes Project Description:In the last year, I’ve been gathering rubbish, litter and invasive weeds from the Merri Creek in Melbourne and making dresses from these materials. Then I photograph the dresses being worn in the same area of the creek the materials were found. So far I have made… Continue reading Daisy Noyes

Lisa Murray

‘The tennis balls were collected whilst kayaking on Birrarung/ The Yarra River where we live. Dog balls make up most of the litter my family collect here so I thought it would be interesting to photograph them in their various phases of wear – A bit of a play on the ‘Phases Of The Moon’ chart.’… Continue reading Lisa Murray

Indya Connley

An Ode to Impermanence  These images work to serve as a reminder that we exist in a temporary space, where there is no longer a guarantee that future generations will inherit the world inclusive of its current natural beauty.Using materials collected from the Mt.Buffalo region after the 2019/2020 summer’s ravaging bushfire season, the process of using lumen printing… Continue reading Indya Connley

Rosalind Pach

“When I started this body of work in 2019, it was only in my imagination.Who would have known that 9 months later this is what Australia would become and that imaginary would become reality. I went into the studio with images of landscapes- urban, country and wild. I paired them with images and colours of… Continue reading Rosalind Pach