Image Kay Hathaway

The #everydayclimatecrisis Visual Petition What kind of images can I submit? 1: Images that illustrate the effects of climate change in your town or region. Think, drought, floods, bushfires, mono-cultures, pollution, mining, unsustainable agriculture, urban development…. 2: Images illustrating HOPE like beautiful landscapes, seascapes, native flora and fauna, First Nations practices and education, renewables, restoration, regeneration,… Continue reading Updates

Kelli Miller

After the bush fires through some of the Tarkine, a proposed world heritage area in Tasmania I came across this burnt out space with this tree elder in the centre of a circle looking like all the trees around where paying homage to their grandness. I went back a year later, thankfully the tree was… Continue reading Kelli Miller

Kelly Slater

The ongoing focus of my photographic practice is the space between human connection to place and our dependence on natural resources to sustain our lives and “lifestyles”. At a base level we are fully dependent on the natural resources of this planet:  water and the complicated processes of photosynthesis that produce plant matter, our food,… Continue reading Kelly Slater

Suellen Cook

Suellen is an artist using composite photographic techniques and her own photographic resources to construct a narrative that taps into the viewer’s emotional responses to the world around them. Each image is conceptually complex yet often visually simple they are mysterious yet totally engaging. Suellen Cook