Image Kay Hathaway

The #everydayclimatecrisis Visual Petition What kind of images can I submit? 1: Images that illustrate the effects of climate change in your town or region. Think, drought, floods, bushfires, mono-cultures, pollution, mining, unsustainable agriculture, urban development…. 2: Images illustrating HOPE like beautiful landscapes, seascapes, native flora and fauna, First Nations practices and education, renewables, restoration, regeneration,… Continue reading Updates

Edwina Richards

“Road to nowhere” Days after the fires of 2019/2020 swept through Taree and beyond, NSW. www.edwinarichards.com @edwinajillrichards 🟡CALL OUT🟡 THE #everydayclimatecrisis PROJECT: A Visual Petition This is a call out to all women and non-binary people of Australia to create images about Australia’s climate crisis, country-wide. These images can include literal: 1: Images of the… Continue reading Edwina Richards

Jennifer Blau

Almost one year after enormous fires raged on Sydney’s North Head. Areas of the National Park remain burnt out with no sign of regeneration. It feels like an apopcalyptic scene at the gateway to Australia. Although these fires were the result of a hazard burn which got out of control, its a reminder of the… Continue reading Jennifer Blau

Pamela Pauline

The effects of climate change are far reaching and our flora and fauna are severely impacted.  “Biophilia Bouquet” forms part of my “Fragile Beauty, Rich and Rare” series.  In this body of work, I tell a story not often told, that of Australia’s threatened flora.   Adding to this narrative, I have incorporated photographs of Australia’s… Continue reading Pamela Pauline

Stella Pretty

Instagram @stellaprettyphotography Image: Coastal Erosion – Byron Bay Main Beach 2021 I am a multidisciplinary artist working with a variety of mediums such as photography, paint and ink, sculpture, jewellery, and the written word.  My photography practice is central to my arts practice and I am passionate about using imagery to share stories.  My work… Continue reading Stella Pretty

Christine James

Smoke coloured sunset Girards Hill Lismore October 2019. Mega fires burning to the west – Girard State Forest, north – Mt Nardi NP, south – Busbys Flat, etcetera etcetera. Indelibly etched fear experienced by all in those weeks. @christineJames1

Paula Broom

I am a Sydney-based artist & environmentalist. I believe art can reconnect us to our natural world & built environments, as well as to ourselves, our health & each other. I work across media, from photography & sculpture to installation & performance, exploring ecological, social & personal issues relating to loss, death, extinction & our… Continue reading Paula Broom

Chris Byrnes

This is an old pinhole photograph of the Hunter River running through Newcastle NSW. I still photograph this site today. Rivers are the life of all Australian communities. Destroy one and it impacts everywhere else. Save and protect the rivers and the land before it is uninhabitable.@lady_camera_obscura Chris Byrnes