Michelle Ferreira

It is easier to carry on and not overthink challenging scenarios. This carefree attitude is typical when it comes to the abstract of climate change. There are varying degrees of emotions from people when confronted with the awareness of the ecological decline.The environmental impact comes in small increments but has a vast and devastating outcome.… Continue reading Michelle Ferreira

Rosalind Pach

“When I started this body of work in 2019, it was only in my imagination.Who would have known that 9 months later this is what Australia would become and that imaginary would become reality. I went into the studio with images of landscapes- urban, country and wild. I paired them with images and colours of… Continue reading Rosalind Pach

Suellen Cook

Suellen is an artist using composite photographic techniques and her own photographic resources to construct a narrative that taps into the viewer’s emotional responses to the world around them. Each image is conceptually complex yet often visually simple they are mysterious yet totally engaging. Suellen Cook

Lib Ferreira

New Years Day 2020, bushfires were ravaging the South Coast of NSW. Canberra and Queanbeyan remained a safe distance away, however, we were blanketed with smoke. These images were taken at the Queanbeyan Lawn Cemetery. The kangaroos crowded around the graves, as it was the only place you could still find green grass during the… Continue reading Lib Ferreira

Denise Ferris

Snowy Hydro has been measuring snow depth at three locations in the NSW Snowy Mountains since 1954, an invaluable resource revealing an unbiased assessment of the snowpack. The data set is valuable as a record of climate change in the mountains, both diminishing peak snow depth and season duration since 1954 are a clear trend. This photograph, Elegy for Winter, made… Continue reading Denise Ferris


APPLY FOR A GRANT 2021 Women Photographers Australia ​has a goal to get more women and girls working as photographers, more women photographers working better and more women photographers recognised for their achievements. Running a business is hard at the best of times, but if you are also the primary care giver, juggling children and elderly… Continue reading Grants

Hilary Wardhaugh

Two images by Hilary Wardhaugh Potato Point was affected by the 2020 NSW bushfires and this image was made at the end of 2020. Clearing burned and dead trees to reduce fuel load. The Queanbeyan River after the peak of the recent flood in early 2021, with much vegetation draped across branches high up riverside… Continue reading Hilary Wardhaugh