Barbie Robinson

Image of performance by Barbie Robinson (Writing with Light)

Performer/choreographers: Elizabeth Cameron Dalman and Vivienne Rogis @viviennerogis, from Mirramu Dance Company perform

SO – In Search of Sophia presented as a site specific work at Mirramu Creative Arts Centre in 2019. #elizabethcamerondalman 

Summer Solstice of 2019. The fires were raging along the south coast and around Canberra. We continued our performance until the end even as the smoke from the coast blew over Weereewa/Lake George across to our performance ground. The work was called “SO – in Search of Sophia”. The theme of our performance was the triple Goddess calling for action on the climate crisis.  The photo shows the crone and the mother figures showing their sense of despair at the state of the planet right now. 

Vivienne Rogis and Elizabeth Cameron Dalman from Mirramu


THE #everydayclimatecrisis PROJECT: A Visual Petition

This is a call out to all women and non-binary people of Australia to create images about Australia’s climate crisis, country-wide.

These images can include literal:

1: Images of the effects Climate Change; drought, floods, fires, pollutionā€¦

2: Images of Hope; beautiful pristine landscapes and seascapes, regenerationā€¦

3: Images of People doing little things to help mitigate the effects of Climate Change, globally.


4: Images that creatively respond to the theme

Images will be printed like a normal Petition and presented around June World Environment Day and/or when Parliament is sitting in Canberra.

It is free to submit. You retain copyright. It can be a phone photo. 

Please name your files with your full name and location: eg: HilaryWardhaugh-PotatoPointNSW.jpg

Images MUST be sized to A4 size @ 300dpi Please add a word doc with your details including your  instagram handle and a short description of your images.

Click on link to submit in profile

And if you have a spare few dollars to help fund the project there is also a donate button on that page. 

#worldenvironmentday #everydayclimatecrisis #womenphotoaus #womenphotographers #womenphotographersaustralia #climatechange #artsadvocoacy 

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By Hilary Wardhaugh

Hilary Wardhaugh is a professional portrait photographer based near Canberra ACT. Her work involves portraits, headshots, event photography, editorial, PR and branding photography. She is a career professional and a specialist in her field

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